Packages of Practices of Wheat

Packages of Practices of Wheat
Wheat is a major cereal crop of rabi grown in Mathura, occupies around 2lac. ha land with an
average productivity of 34q/ha. Although, Mathura ranks 3st in terms of average production and
productivity , yet its productivity can be further increased by adopting scientific production
Soil: Wheat can be grown in wide range of soil but loam, sandy loam soils having proper drainage
are highly suitable for wheat cultivation.
Field preparation: One ploughing with harrow before pre-sowing irrigation followed by 1 ploughing
with harrow and 2 ploughing with cultivator after palewa is done to pulverise the soil.
Seed Rate: Generally 100kg seed of certified varieties is recommended but under late condition or
on using own seed 10-15% seed is increased to ensure germination and maintain plant population.
There must have 450-500 ear heads in 1 sqm to obtain good yield.
Important varieties: Early Sown- K-8962, K-9465, Gomti, Atal, Indira, HD-2888.
Timely sown- HD-2967, HD-3086, PBW-550,502,542, DBW-17,107,110, Shatabdi.
Late sown-Raj-3077,3765 PBW-554,376.
Very Late – Unnat Halna (7903)
Suitable for Saline soils- KRL-210,213,19.
Sowing Method and Time: Sowing is done at a depth of 4-5 cm, at a spacing of 18-20cm between
rows followed by light planking generally from the 1st fortnight of November to mid of December.
Fertilizer management: The balance fertilizers should be applied as per the soil test basis. Under
assured irrigation conditions NPK@120:60:60 should be applied. 40kg sulphur and 5kg zinc per
hectare should be applied as basal dose.
Inter culture operations/ weeding- To control weeds chemically apply Chlodinofop Propergyl 15%
@400gm or Sulphasulfuron 75%WP @ 33gm (25 units) per hectare after 25-30 days of sowing or Use
Pendamethyline @ 3.3lt within 48 hours of sowing.
Irrigation: Wheat is highly moisture susceptible crop which got affected by moisture stress at many
stages, thus, irrigate the crop in time and at proper stage. The critical stages in wheat when
irrigation is required are; crown root initiation, tillering, jointing, flowering, milking and doughing
stages which generally comes after every 20-22 days.
Plant Protection: Major diseases- Blight, Rusts (yellow and brown),and Karnal bunt are some
important diseases of wheat. To control blight and rusts spray Mencozeb 75% or zeerum 80% @
2kg per hectare. For control of karnal bunt use Tilt at the time of flowering.
Harvesting: When seeds got dry and turn pale yellow in colour it should be harvested, and thrashed
to obtain wheat seeds.

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